Trout's Place & Windbreak Cafe

Welcome to Trout's Place & Windbreak Cafe
The Best Small Cafe / Hotel / Bar in the State,
with over 80 lakes that are stocked by ADF&G within 50 miles of us!

Linda Kidd & BobThe Windbreak has been in these parts since 1981 and was started by Bob Andres (nickname: "Bob Trout") and Dallas Wymore.

If you love fishin' you'll love Trout's Place & the Windbreak!!

We have clean and comfortable hotel rooms for you and your family to get a good nights sleep. Our cafe offers homestyle cookin' with Alaska size portions, and our lounge has a large display of Salmon, Rainbow's and Dolly's all caught right here in Alaska.

Are you ready to go fishin'? Well let's grab up the gear and get ready for some of the best fishin' in the world! Is it Rainbow Trout, Dolly Vardon, or maybe Salmon? They are all here in the many lakes and rivers in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. The Windbreak is the meeting place for local fishing enthusiasts!!

Trout's Place & Windbreak Cafe

Breakfast At Trout's Place

Breakfast At Trout's Place
Seasons of An Alaska Flyfisher
by Ken Marsh

Ken Marsh will take you on a fly-fishing adventure as only a native who has lived and fly-fishing his entire life in Alaska can. You won't find a catered, cozy fly-fishing camp with protective, professional guides in these stories. Instead, you'll join Ken and his sometimes crazy, always interesting friends as they fly-fish through the season in the real Alaska.

Through it all, they're on a search for solitude, for the untrammeled, and for a place where angler and fish can meet in one moment that can't be taken back or forgotten. It's the same search all fly-fishers are on, but the scale is, like the state itself, much grander than most of the Lower Forty-eight.

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Wasilla - The Still Water Fishing Capitol of South Central Alaska 

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